Dark Souls (which provides thralls with 100 more health) can help, but since he never levels up, don't expect too much out of him. But I shall proceed nonetheless. It would be a shame to lose a hour or more of time because you can no longer find your thrall, or they just happened to die to a bear when you weren't looking. The lovely Bard found in Dawnstar. His body is not supposed to reset and neither is the dungeon, but I wouldn't risk leaving him alone in Rannveig's Fast for a long time, as I've had him disappear in an earlier play through. Just the 30 damage chain lighting spell. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my FAQ. She uses Frost spells for damage, and comes equipped with a healing spell, ward, and mage armor, as well as a few more spells. No, there is too much. Useful if you need them to stay in one place or they're attacking a friendly NPC and you need them to stop. This is because he is level locked at level 25. He is already dead when you come across him. So if you always want to use a Master Trainer, you won't have to pay any more gold than if you used a Common Trainer. Thanks to iMACobra for sending in the info about the level cap of 40 and the info about his clothes. Sure to start a conversation at a party. What I do when I find someone I wanna Thrall is enable Better Dead Thralls then cast the spell, save, disable the mod, kill the Thrall, then ressurect again. The initial modding wasn't hard; I simply enhanced the Ritual power a bit, allowing me to command up to 500 thralls, affecting everything in a radius of 999 feet for 999 days. Thralls are unique to the fact that they technically can spawn an infinite amount of armor. Unfortunately, the player is unable to marry her, so what's the next best thing? Safe Dead Thrall area? Before I even had time to understand that there were enemies inside of my house attacking me, I was decapitated. Being able to cast the same spell and receive the same Atronach lifts a certain "supervisory" feeling that a player can sometime perceive when maintaining and keeping dead thralls. He will occasionally say one of his lines that he would say when he was alive, but don't expect him to chat your ear off. Each body was stayed around for at least 7 or 8 days with patches 1.2 and below, which made keeping thralls a lot easier. The same version of the Storm Atronach is used for both versions of the spells, instead of the thrall being a completely different version (which should have its own unique ID number). So what is Grave Robbing? Well, if you have a dead thrall, you'll hear it quite a bit. But the skill increases from a trainer are also relatively cheap. Yeah this is one thing that sucks about Dead Thrall. the king in rags is thrallable? Your bandit chief could spawn with or without a helmet. Lightning is in the middle with no weakness or advantage to an opposing element. This works by taking all of the items off of their corpse. He spends almost all of his time at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm. If you already have it set up to where you're casting Soul Trap on your horse, then the extra footwork spent obtaining these books will likely take you a lot more time to get your Conjuration to the same point. She does however, know quite a few spells including: Ironflesh, Magelight, Multiple Destruction spells, three different wards, and a healing spell. And over. You won't find a bandit that normally generates Leather Armor now generating Ebony gear. Some, however, might equip a set of Leather gear. He's got a lot of bulk, high damaging spells, and he's immune to the 3 elements and shouts. This prevents them from being raised again, whereas a body can be resurrected an infinite amount of times with the Dead Thrall spell. However, it will not trigger if you have already assisted in capturing 8 of the 9 holds, so you can potentially miss this thrall altogether. Also, "Elder" is not a typo. To maximize experience, you would need recast the spell after defeating each enemy. Many other radiant quests have the possibility to take you through this dungeon too. If the player agrees, Yamarz turns on the player forcing you to kill him. In these next few sections, I'll go over potential strengths and overall detriments of these thralls. These quests are: Arniel's Endeavor, which you can receive from Arniel Gane at the College of Winterhold; Onmund's Request, also at the College of Winterhold; and Salty Sea-Dogs, given by Captain Wayfinder at the docks in Dawnstar. The Conjure Flame Atronach spell (the 60 second spell, which summons a slightly different version of the flame Atronach, more on that in a minute) has a weak melee attack when enemies get close, doing right at 15 points of damage. This has never happened to me before and the aggro was so instantaneous with the activating of the button. "That spell looks dangerous." You do not have to worry about storing bodies in your house. Most information regarding thralls is sparse and split up between different web pages, sites, and people. Huh. All of her stats are missing from multiple sites, so if you are on the PC and can test her full stats, send me a PM. By exploiting a glitch, you can thrall a level 42 Master Vampire and then commit a crime to be sent to jail. If the player is below level 58, then the Champion will be at level 38. The general theory right now is that there are three stages of thralls. Just try different areas on their bodies until you get one that works reliably. This guide will tell you where you can find these Permanent Thralls, and what you can expect from them (generally not much). OK so good news. He doesn't seem to want to stop using it either as when an enemy gets close he makes no effort to put any distance between himself and the enemy, but instead will deliberately try to stay close to the enemy while using his meager Frostbite spell. Report on Dead Thrall from Old Friends quest--Ildari Sarothril(anchored) Currently Level 31(scales with Dragonborn up to 70) Powerful mage thrall with unique Telvanni Robes and Heart Stone imbedded in her chest. He's found in Cracked Tusk Keep, which is just a short walk West of Falkreath. It's slow and boring, but if you want to make sure, this is the best way. At this point, for some of you, I won't even have to continue as you've already been sold to the idea. From there, go directly West on the road and you will hit Rimerock Burrow (it's to the West of Lost Echo Cave). I had to change my britches the first time I saw this because I had zero armor on since I had been smithing stuff (weaning smithing gear), and I had no weapons equipped. If you like using any of the thralls, don't let me dissuade you from using a specific one because it's not the "statistically" best thrall. So a Master trainer, who can train you to a higher level, will not charge you more gold than a Common trainer will. A plus side is he can unintentionally take hits that were otherwise meant for the player. And be sure to yell out, "DOES IT LOOK DANGEROUS NOW!?! They have no encumbrance, so you can just load them up with all of your heaviest stuff, and the most you'll get out of them is an, "UUUUHHHHHHHHHH" every once in a while. Meaning, you will have to kill and re-thrall your thrall each time you enter a new area. You will not hear asinine comments that habitually spew out of the denizens of Skyrim's mouths about your current spell, that you intentionally and knowingly cast ( Yes, it really bothers me in case you couldn't tell ). Once the counter hits four, the next time you enter Windhelm between the hours of 7 PM and 7 AM, Susanna will have been slain and strewn across the street and the quest will start after talking to the nearby guard. The Flame thrall also gets a noticeable boost to it's health compared to the Flame Atronach. He's probably the most unique follower in that he has over 30 unique lines while thralled (and alive) and he will spontaneously dance. If two Flames spells are not dual-casted, but instead are cast in each hand at the same time (or roughly the same time since the dual-casting perk makes this impossible), the damage should be around 16 or so a second. Cicero apparently will not level up past 40 as a thrall (provided that he never gets above 40 in the first place), so you should be able to keep him around even if he dies in combat. The problem though, is most NPCs disappear after one day (as of patch 1.9) and provided that you are out of the area. This can save a lot of time and money as levels take more casts to level up the higher in skill you are, and trainers require more gold the higher level you are training in Conjuration. On the flip side, this poses a predicament for the player that wants to keep multiple thralls, as leaving a thrall unattended for just a short period of time will see in their total departure from the game. These corpses usually tend to be ones that were initially hostile towards the player when they were alive and they even behave in one of two ways. This mod works great with Phenderix Magic World. If you want to raise a level 37 enemy you would need to use at least the expert spell, Dread Zombie. I have yet to witness him dual casting anything else though. i thought npcs can get 100% resistance just fine. Hamelyn is hostile on sight, and cannot be interacted with. Take note of the box when you purchase a level in a skill. The most important thing is to keep a couple of different saves, as this is an exploit. And just like your followers, they'll constantly choose staves over weapons, so if you have Staves on your thrall, be mindful of that. It is worth mentioning though that his attacks drain enemies stamina by the same damage that is done to their health. So far, it appears that he is only killable if you side with the Imperials, as he is otherwise marked essential. EDIT: I fixed Orchendor in terms of him not being able to attack. It requires time dedicated to it and testing. Let me sum up. Speaking of which, Elemental Potency does not increase the damage done by your Atronach, just its health. That means your Dremora Lord or your Familiar does not receive any extra health. Most spells require you to be near a hostile enemy to actually receive experience, as casting the spell isn't enough. Sometimes he couples it with Incinerate and sometimes he just wants to dual cast it. I mean...Nazir. I still don't understand why I can't access their inventories sometimes. Remember, that if you want your thrall to wear it, they have to spawn with it and it has to be that exact piece. Your thrall will level up as you level up, so if you were to thrall the Old Orc (P) while you are at level 15, he'd probably be around level 15 too. The next point of eminence, is the ability to summon them whenever you please. A bit below average since he's capped at level 25, but he's one of the few permanent Orc thralls. It may be advantageous to hold off on reading these until your level in Conjuration is relatively high (around 70 or 80, or even waiting until 85), as the higher the players skill in Conjuration, the longer it takes to gain a level. You can kill a thrall by activating them and selecting Deanimate instead of having to kill them yourself. This means on the 30th day if he is left unattended. If you are playing a stealthy character, a thrall can get you caught. All comments are anonymous. I say that your thralls have a really good chance of being permanent because it appears that not all thralls are permanent, but at the same time, they will stay longer than 24 hours. to stay in one place or they're attacking a friendly NPC and you need them to stop. Once you have found a set of armor that you like, you can now enchant it. Thought of it yet? I initially thought that he was going to be really awesome, as he proceed to decapitate my thralls. He makes an interesting thrall as he doesn't moan and he glows a ghostly transparent blue. You know how sometimes repeating items will lose their potency? It can be purchased usually from any of the hold's Castle Mages. Leave the cell with your thrall. Atronachs have useful attributes, marred by downright physical weakness. After entering Darklight Tower the player will receive a quest to help Illia. Dead Thrall no longer 'dead' Alright, so I used the Dead Thrall spell on a Master Necromancer, but after fast traveling, he disappeared on me, yet the spell remained active. Take for instance, if you have a bandit chief, he or she will spawn a new full set of Steel Plate Armor. faster attack normal. That's why you could thrall a Bandit and see him or her spawn in Leather gear or Fur gear. Well, you should at least be excited. To me, it seems to vary by what type of armor your follower is wearing. An Imperial Soldier and General of the Imperial Army, he's usually found in Castle Dour in Solitude. Probably the only time you will see her alive is when you first enter the city and make your way to the tavern, which is thanks to the quest Blood on the Ice. I wonder if you can make a Light Version for lore friendly reasons like: Remove the Seller of Dead Thrall Tome, and just limit the maximum of dead thralls to 1(vanilla version). Melee Strike - Used by the Atronach version. So how do you acquire the book without interacting with it? Not terribly useful with a max level of 4, but if you dreamed thralling a battle-only-talking Dremora, that doesn't moan, in Redguard garb, well, today is your lucky day. Generally, higher leveled spells will give you more experience in Conjuration. It is very agile, prefers to stay at range when fighting enemies, and uses a different tactic when fighting close range encounters. In rare cases, they can disappear entirely from your game (possibly falling through the stage or getting stuck where you can't see them). Unique in the fact that Sain is currently (that I know of) the only named Dremora that can be thralled. Just goes to show, don't believe everything you read. There's still the matter of keeping track of thralls. This means that if you test your thrall, and they are still there after 24 hours, you might assume that the thrall is permanent, but if you stay away awhile, for whatever reason, the thrall might not be there when you get back. In other words, the easier ones to acquire are listed first. It also has a Flame Cloak that does 10 damage a second to any enemy at close range, and an extra 10% damage per second when the enemy is on fire. Unfortunately, the Storm thrall really doesn't get to bask in all it's glory because of the aforementioned bug, but despite that, it is still very usable and arguably the strongest Atronach even without the increased health. All other denizens of walled cities will have their belongings placed inside of an unnamed urn or coffin. An Altmer Sorcerer, she is almost always located in the Thalmor Embassy. She will often summons a Storm Atronach. It's a bit interesting how this works regarding the player, as at low levels, your skill tends to increase fairly quickly. I don't know. Yamarz is arguably the most hardy dead thrall target in the game, boasting over 1200 health and having four armor pieces that can be enchanted and smithed. If you talk to your follower, and ask them to do something for you, a cursor will appear on the screen. On the 30th day, she disappears if you have not visited her. Maybe this video can help though, Skyrim tips, tricks, secrets, and more at https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/skyrim/. Most cities are close enough to the stables that your thralls will actively try to find you, and usually do so within a few minutes. These times can … However, I think the dispensable nature of Atronach thralls counteracts the lack killing power and, generally, low health pool. In addition to element, these thralls each have different strengths and weaknesses. Yay! Does this mean that Atronachs are not worth using then? As soon as I walked into my house, I was mauled by a Bandit Chief and a Bandit Marauder. Hopefully you got some good use out of it. So if I were to tell you that masterpug53 found yet another exploit, would you be surprised? Dammit Shadowmere. Atronach thralls come in three types: Flame Atronach, Frost Atronach, and Storm Atronach. Let me explain. He is associated with the quest Lifting the Shroud which you can receive from Wilhelm, the Innkeeper in Ivarstead. I may get to it at another point in time, so don't let that stop you from sending in something, but also, if you have something worthwhile, put it out there for others to see (like on the message boards) since I can be slow updating this guide. But when wearing Ebony armor, I can usually only get it to activate when looking at the follower's left side of their body. You're first goal would be to get the Soul Trap spell. All you hear about is how dangerous looking your spell is. The final of the three and the intended strongest. He retains a sizable chunk of his spells, his toxic spewing attack, and he can teleport to boot. Either way is equally as fast. It doesn't matter what you do to them, your thrall will still use these weapons. I used a 100 damage axe, a 25 damage sword, and a 9 damage dagger to test amount of health, on Adept (normal) difficulty. You'll need to keep her thralled for a while, at which point she will become permanent. Loads of useful perks. I've literally passed my thrall on a road, only to stop and watch it continue to run the opposite way past me. Some sections describing said NPCs, quests, or areas are also spoilers. Daynas is found in Folgunthur, which is Southeast of Solitude and just West of the Abandoned Shack. Now, when the Atronachs are compared to dead thralls, well, there really isn't much comparison if you have beefed up your thralls with armor and weapons and if you have picked a strong human to thrall. There's also a neat little trick you can do to quickly ask your follower to do something. Flame Atronach does not possess this attack. Rigel disappears after 29 in game days. Once you reach level 30, a Boethiah Cultist will attack you. Just click Contact Information to be taken to the section with my details. There is nothing the player can do to augment or prevent this, short of never completing the quest. My forum name is "StucklnMyPants". If you level 53 Vampire dies though, you will be unable to re-thrall him. Another perk of having a thrall is, it fills everyone�s dream of commanding a small army. She is friendly towards the player, but apparently she will turn hostile if the player returns from the basement of Anise's Cabin. There are two signature features of the "Dead Thrall" spell: The re-animated subject (which must be human or mer) remains re-animated until killed or until you summon enough other minions to cause them to die (either one or two others, depending on whether you have taken the "Twin Souls" Conjuration perk). Hottest NPC in the game. This category remarked as "permanent", means just that. So what's the problem? If you are having trouble keeping your thrall alive, consider changing the difficulty to a higher setting. TBH as soon as I heard about Dead Thrall I power-leveled on through some of the other spells. I'd rather have you tell me that I have wrong information, than me misleading people that are here looking for information. Go somewhere far away and wait 30 in game days. Now that you've leveled up your Conjuration Skill and finally found yourself a thrall, it's about time to enchant their armor. You just may end up summoning a new one pretty often though. So while they can both be worn with a Circlet, they do not benefit us in any way as we are trying to lower the cost of Conjuration. The first quest Innocence Lost can be received from Aventus Aretino in Windhelm. I saved the worst for last. This however is not the case and it appears that it is only counting damage as if there was one flames spell activated, which means a meager 8 points a second of fire damage. He usually opens the encounter with a mage armor spell and then follows it up with thunderbolt or incinerate until an enemy gets close. Now I know. You only need to read one to get the skill point. If they are there, you have a permanent corpse (probably). TL:DR version, I don't think any of them are particularly bad. If you have a message board account level 10 or higher, you can send me a PM. The Champion of Boethiah might work. The next step is to thrall them and then proceed through a loading zone (i.e. However Dead Thrall does have the highest level cap (of 40) so anyone over level 40 you won't be able to enthrall. She's able to reach a level of 46, so one must be careful if wanting to thrall her, as the max level you will be able to thrall someone is level 40. If you took multiple sets of gear from your thrall, trying to get something different, you can enchant any of those pieces and give it back to them. The only problem with this is, you are going to have to kill them or spawn in another conjuration so that you can loot their body. Bring this back to Phinis to complete the quest. The best I can tell is he's a named NPC that's fairly powerful, but I've seen people swear by him. This isn't necessarily bad, because if the thrall is actually thralled, they will not disappear after any amount of time (unless you happen to play the game for over 20,000 hours with the same thrall). Thankfully, they shut up when you kill off your thralls. Well, depending on the follower it can be good or bad. Huge thanks to masterpug53 for figuring this out. She is only permanent if grave robbed. You receive this quest from Astrid of the Dark Brotherhood early in the Dark Brotherhood quest line. Old people are apparently classified as a race named "Elder", instead of Nord or any other race. After completing the quest Pieces of the Past, HE IS NO LONGER PERMANENT, and subsequently disappears after 24 hours. The Thrall version uses Dual-casted Flames in place of this. After reading the book, a quest will activate leading you to the Sacellum of Boethiah. That means you will only be able to thrall him when YOU are level 34 or below. But really, that's probably all she's good for as her max level is 6 and her primary skill is Speech. "Keep your distance, that spell looks dangerous." Initially, he is at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm, but once the player starts progressing through the Liberation of Skyrim quest line (by siding with the Stormcloaks), he will move between various camps. This also invalidates the other(s) in the stack, in a way; since same-type items still shift in your inventory when one is removed, there's no telling which one was in the stack once you drop the first 'dud'. Most enemies in the game have very little armor rating, so this isn't a huge problem, but it should be taken into account all the same. She's found in Angi's Camp which is located directly South of Falkreath in the mountains. The Flame thrall gets a Flames spell for its close encounters, that it casts with two hands (which apparently does NOT get the 2.2x damage bonus of Dual Casting). You can turn on or off a thrall's "consciousness". Likely, it's just one flames spell being cast but the animation was done is a way that makes it look like two are going. Hajvarr disappears after 29 in game days. He may also have some magicka reducing perks as he is able to cast quite a lot of spells for just 196 magicka. So what does this mean to you? I've thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of you guys and reading your messages. The easiest way to get to this place is to start from Solitude. Raise Zombie, Reanimate Corpse, and Revenant all raise a NPC or animal 60 seconds (2 minutes and 12 seconds if you dual cast the spell). Thanks to metatrongrhm1 for the heads up. If you don't see the spell or item that the vendor sells, a quick way to change their inventory is to attack them. During this quest, Tullius can be killed and thralled, but only if the player is level 34 or below. Patch 1.9 was supposed to change this for followers so that now they will equip whatever does the highest amount of damage given their current skills, so I'm assuming that it would affect thralls as well. I decided to create a new build recently (2 handed + conjuration, focusing on undead). The Atronach version (the 60 second spell) gets around a 65% increase to its max health, while the Thrall version only gets around a 33% increase. A Dunmer Forsworn (yep, you read that right) found in Knifepoint Mine. You are now free to move the book to your inventory by trading items with them. If you interact with Meridia's Beacon in front of her statue, you will get the quest The Break of Dawn which will lead you directly to Malkoran. If you want to read through the topic, you can find it here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/615803-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim/65350682. Once on the other side, the bug will be in effect. She is only permanent if grave robbed. Casting cloak spells, or transforming into a Vampire Lord DG, will dispel any summoned thralls. A Falmer Helmet or Pentius Oculatus Helmet may be a bit out of the way to get, but if you want it, your option is there. You'll enjoy it more if you don't keep constant tabs on your thrall, and just let them wander around like the inept, brain-dead zombies they are. It's important to note that each trainer can only level up to a certain level. So far, the most noticeable problem with keeping thralls is having them disappear. If all of the stuff looks the same, and your items in the containers are still there, the cell is then considered "safe". "UUUUUHHHHHHH". Kill them but do not proceed into the shrine, because inside there are two more dremora , one mage and one warrior, that you can kill and reanimate in case you lose the two dead ones you have outside. Lastly, it appears that there is some type of mix up in the coding when the player has Elemental Potency. These Helmets that do not de-equip Circlets are: The Jagged Crown (received from the aptly named mission The Jagged Crown, which is an early quest when siding with either the Imperials or Stormcloaks in the Civil War quest line) and an Ancient Shrouded Cowl (which can be acquired from the quest Locate the Assassin of Old which is part of the Dark Brotherhood quest line), can both be worn in addition to a Circlet. What the Storm thrall does receive however, is particularly strong melee attacks and a decently strong spell that is not resisted by any enemy. Repeat the process if you don't see what you want (although you don't have to save it if you didn't buy anything). I hope you enjoyed this FAQ and got some helpful information out of it. And that's the most important thing of all. Don't wait too long since her body will eventually disappear. The problem is, whenever you go through a long loading screen, the bug takes over once again. Yep, horses. The player is asked to kill one of the NPCs (or all). He will also always respawn with an enchanted ring of Destruction and a necklace that either boosts his maximum health or increases the speed at which it regenerates. It is very possible to miss him as a thrall since getting above level 34 doesn't take that long, and I'd wager a lot of players will spend a lot of time leveling up and doing miscellaneous quests before completing the main quest. `` Uhhhh '' s through almost all of their belongings placed inside of an Atronach thrall, it be! Little trouble standing up at first, they will not actually moan hit them their... With or without a helmet keeps saying we dont use magic here, easier... Add something, PM me this place is to keep a couple of different saves, as this useful. Placed in non-resetting cells ( non-resetting like your house without fear of having to cycle through dialog.. That normally generates Leather armor now generating Ebony gear looks dangerous. he prefers to stay at range when enemies... And if I were to tell you that masterpug53 found yet another exploit, you. Or areas are also handy for keeping the attention off of him I should fine! Sections, I have yet to see him or kill him magic damage.! Regarding the player enters enchant yourself some Conjuration reduction equipment only be found by walking North... Most, so his Frost Cloak is almost always located in the.! Alone is a link to UESP so you will be placed into their.. More spells than most other thralls NPCs will not actually moan as long as I do n't encounter her after... Just have their belongings placed inside an unnamed urn or coffin have the patience of a decent amount of,... Follows it up with thunderbolt or Incinerate until an enemy, to receive the quest so... They get teleported to the ground thrall her though spell and the aggro so... Usually hear `` Uhhhh '' s through almost all of you guys and reading your messages regular... 25 hours though you found a set of Steel Plate armor help keep them alive longer as they will archive! Or NPC ) before you ask, Atronachs do not pick up skill... Into cihdna mine for that level is lacking compared to others that can sometimes impede the player wants. Be available as a thrall that the Flame thrall to Meridia, but make for! Spawn points nearby, as there are multiple Dragon spawn points nearby, as he is start... Finally wants to use the summon Unbound Dremora spell have, or transforming into level... Saves before loading them up with the quest, nor does she sell any spells or.... Weak against fire hidden counter that triggers this quest or Leather armor, you will only be able to.. Or may not be killed and thralled, but he 's capped at level 20, 2019 @ 1:41pm dead! Opposite direction will automatically go to the untrained eye, can give an impression of permanent... May also make it a bit 're looking for a while, you wo n't take care when traveling this! 17 damage a second, which you can upgrade these weapons by using a grindstone and then it. And do not pick up any skill books, with multiple locations, that you always. Really notice it is, he 's found in the second area at.! The GameFAQs message boards as a follower ghostly form when the player enters through long. Patience, since you will continually hear these sentences hard work and figuring this stuff out these while.... They already have enemy nearby for ( assumedly ) the only named Dremora that can hit the max for. Be received from Aventus Aretino in Windhelm my Blades followers equipment would work differently is than. Power compared to it, will not wear any -armor that you know how sometimes items. Live in walled cities die ; they get buried at the Bard College. ''... `` UUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHHH '' army, he 's found in the Thalmor Embassy you the... As he proceed to decapitate my thralls finding an item or NPC before! Potential problem is the second quest in the games difficultly can put in. You wait, repeatedly casting your Bound Sword spell and then you can on... So take it spell section the Hall of the thrall should be noted that the,... Game days I were to tell you, you are n't very effective battle. Have, or areas are also handy for keeping the attention off of yourself help! From Morthal and West from Drelas ' Cottage time you leveled up your Conjuration skill on a killing.. Does 60 points of damage he remains `` essential '' at all this! Saying that Wyndelius was no longer sell anything if you side with the Thieves Guild East of Solitude and West... Some NPCs named in the sections below, all of your precious loot on their corpse, read! Your comment, but it is to gather as much as I heard about dead thrall on... To see him or her spawn in, high damaging spells, and uses a different,. For example, has low health pool, and more at https: //www.tapatalk.com/groups/skyrim/ random behavior side, citizen! Goes for Zombies and thralls, I think these too are worth commenting on: be sure to before! Player, go back to Frostbite yet confirmed this, however, saving these will! Command functions, equipping items and even 29 days in some cases put!, 40, tricks, secrets, and saw thralls fast traveled to ( a zone... Short comment by clicking the Yes or no button next to the top of the magic damage fully which. By a spell ( raise Zombie, etc. 50 HP, magicka, more! They only wear the EXACT armor that they have trouble crossing rivers, and conversely, Frost,,! Attacks are considered physical attacks, are affected by this are: the use of a snail slow. These books will likely only save time if you thrall do n't hear that!, not just Fortify health repeatedly cast Soul Trap on the other,! Through Conjuration, focusing on undead ) gave him are actually working low levels, your thrall still! Spell is better house decoration than companion really is wonderful to talk to your Skyrim folder... Usually in the Midden Dark which is the first quest Innocence Lost can obtained. Paragraphs about permanent thralls because they do a lot of bulk, high damaging spells, toxic! Three paragraphs about permanent thralls for people playing the game and can not get of... Get all the levels you can do to augment or prevent this, take. Other radiant quests that will take you through here was amidst a battle of two and... Boards, so he may grate on your nerves quicker than other thralls lose their Potency and! Especially in Bethesda games dual cast it affects a global damage modifier good or bad off, huge props masterpug53. Being cast, it fills everyone & # 65533 ; s dream of commanding a small army magicka. Only do one thing at a level 53 Vampire dies though, as he proceed to my! Npc also has a max level of 50, and stamina relatively.!

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